This Ain't About the Chops, a single from the upcoming 2014 release, has happily been set free for public consumption  This Ain't About the Chops isn't about the chops; it's melody-driven song writing to chill out to.  Listen to it HERE, or if you are feeling rich, expend the 99¢, and download it on  . Chances are you tipped your barista more than that this morning.

Electronic/Ambient music combined with Post Rock, thoughtRadar is the solo project of Rick Martin, and it debuted with the 2012 EP, Days Off.   Its blend of electronic and traditional musicianship, forms something slightly cinematic, and perhaps best of all, it's loaded with antioxidants.  It's guitars, keyboards, and 70's synths... enjoy.  The 2014 release is just around the corner.


The 2012 EP is also available for download at: Days Off - EP - thoughtRadar , and also, there is a FREE DOWNLOAD waiting for you when you JOIN THE MAILING LIST.

Thanks for coming by, and enjoy the music.

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